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sodium bicarbonate

The baking soda price varies according to the type of application and its volume in the chemical market. Also, as you know, the purity of chemicals is a very important factor in determining their price. The same is true for sodium Bicarbonate.

baking soda price

Also, the baking soda price varies in different brands, i.e., according to the brand of the manufacturer. There are many companies in the field of selling baking soda, the most reputable of which certainly offer this product with the desired quality and price.

In some sources, instead of purity percentage, different grades of this substance have been considered to affect the baking soda price. The grade of any chemical is determined according to its purity percentage. Sodium Bicarbonate or baking soda, like all chemicals, has different grades, including food grade, feed grade, industrial grade, and medical grade. Industrial grade Sodium Bicarbonate has many applications in various industries.


Some of these applications of industrial baking soda are:

– Cosmetics industry

– Production of toothpaste, household cleaners, and mild cleaners

– Textile industry

– For processing wool and silk yarns

– Livestock and poultry industries

– Firefighting industry

– Making powders and extinguishers

– Polymer industry

– As a catalyst and material purifier

baking soda suppliers

The most ideal Sodium Bicarbonate price in export quality

The owners of all the above-mentioned industries are looking for the most suitable Sodium Bicarbonate price. In fact, in addition to paying special attention to the high quality of this material, they also consider its reasonable price.

Certainly, the quality of raw materials used in an industrial unit is equivalent to the high quality of the products produced by that unit. In addition to quality, buying raw materials at a reasonable price also provides economic benefits to the complex. So, if you are looking to buy Soda of high quality and at a reasonable price, you should look for the most reputable suppliers.

We offer both quality and baking soda prices as a guarantee in the Barus Golden collection. The guaranteed price of baking soda offered by our collection is because we deliver our exported baking soda directly to buyers from reputable manufacturers. When intermediaries are removed from the market for buying and selling this product and any other product, the price of the product goes down significantly. Direct supply of goods is very important, especially for export products.

Baking Soda at today’s price

Not only for baking soda but also for most chemicals, especially export chemicals, a single price cannot be announced. The prices of these products change under the influence of many factors. Exchange rates, market conditions in terms of supply and demand, global political and economic situation, etc. All affect the prices of various chemical products, especially export chemical products.

It is better to inquire about the baking soda today’s price before buying it. Our collection experts can send you the baking soda price chart 2022 upon request. Of course, in addition to offering prices, they will answer your other questions before buying baking soda.



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