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Ethylene Dichloride manufacturers are distributed across the world, from east Asia to North America, this important substance is produced and consumed, Barus Golden is also among the best manufacturers of the Ethylene Dichloride that you can supply your needs.

Ethylene Dichloride (EDC) Description

Ethylene Dichloride (EDC), also known as 1 2-dichloroethane is a toxic compound chemical product in the form of liquid that has no color and is the main component for the production of the VCL and PVC Resin, one of those most practical chemical products used in the construction of the tubes for different industries.

Barus Golden produces Ethylene Dichloride (EDC) using modern technologies with the highest quality and is capable of bulk shipping to your preferred location

Production Of The Ethylene Dichloride

There are usually two different methods that producers of the Ethylene Dichloride (EDC) use for the manufacturing of the Ethylene Dichloride.

The first method that is widely used among the Ethylene Dichloride manufacturers is the catalyzed reaction between Ethylene and chlorine with the iron chloride as the catalyst.

Some of the Ethylene Dichloride producers also use catalyzed reaction of oxychlorination with the copper chloride as the catalyst, this method is less used among the manufacturers of the Ethylene Dichloride.

Ethylene Dichloride Manufacturers & Suppliers

The United States of America is the largest producer and consumer of Ethylene Dichloride in the world, currently.

Also, The United States of America is the biggest exporter of Ethylene Dichloride in the world right now, while Northeast Asia is the largest importer of Ethylene Dichloride on the planet.

When speaking about the region and not the countries, Northeast Asia is the biggest producer and manufacturer of the Ethylene Dichloride in the world, also is the largest consumer of this important substance among all other world regions.

China is the leading country in this region and is one of the largest Ethylene Dichloride manufacturers, number one producer and consumer of the EDC in the region.

With the rapid economic growth and growth of the population and Industries in Northeast Asia, the production and consumption of Ethylene Dichloride in this region is expected to grow in this decade.

How To Buy Ethylene Dichloride (EDC) From Barus Golden

You can use these different contact methods to buy Ethylene Dichloride (EDC) from Barus Golden:

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Ethylene Dichloride Suppliers

At Barus Golden, we believe in a win-win partnership, we are your reliable and strategic supplier of the Ethylene Dichloride (EDC) that covers all countries of the world using our extensive and modern supply chain facilities, and our customizable packaging and transportation options according to your company needs and requests.

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