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HDPE is one of the most popular petrochemical products in the world used extensively in the construction and packaging industry.


If you are interested in knowing the key players and companies of the HDPE market, reading this informative article will be very valuable for you.


HDPE Benefits & Competitive Advantages


High-density Polyethylene benefits and advantages are as follows:


  • Very environmental friendly product with full recyclability


  • Very high strength-to-density ratio


  • Low Maintenance


  • Easily meltable and moldable


HDPE Suppliers

The HDPE market has a value of over $70.7B in 2020, with an annual growth rate of over 4%, it’s expected that the HDPE market will achieve $90B.


For choosing the best HDPE supplier for your company, consider these factors:


  • Is a first-hand supplier of the HDPE


  • Is offering you the most competitive prices


  • Has a state-of-the-art and sophisticated supply chain and transportation equipment


  • Is flexible and offers you personalized and customized services


The best HDPE suppliers are flexible and you can rely on them in uncertainties and difficult situations.


HDPE Producers

Asia Pacific countries and The United States of America are the biggest producers and suppliers, at the same time consumers of HDPE in the world.


These countries are key players in the HDPE market in the world now and in the future:


  • The United States of America


  • China


  • India


The most important application of HDPE is in the packaging and piping for construction, these two spaces are rapidly growing both in the US and Asia Pacific countries.


HDPE Manufacturers

There are many HDPE manufacturers in the world, some of them are large and very important, and many of them are smaller producers.


Key HDPE industry players are these companies:

#1. INEOS Group

INEOS Group is an international chemical company that is headquartered in London, this is the fourth largest chemical company in the world.


  • The annual revenue of this company is over $61B with total assets of over $33B


  • INEOS Group is a private limited company and is founded in 1998


  • This company has over 26k employees


INEOS Group is composed of 20 standalone businesses that are operating independently and is one of the largest producers and manufacturers of HDPE.


#2. Lyondellbasell Industries

LyondellBasell Industries is an international chemical company that is headquartered in the Netherlands, and also has offices in London and Texas.


  • LyondellBasell was founded in 2007 and is a public limited company


  • The annual revenue of this company is around $46.17B with total assets of $36.74B


  • 19k employees are working in this international chemical company


LyondellBasell is the third largest chemical manufacturer in the United States and has a net income of $5.61B as of December 2021.


#3. Exxon Mobil Corporation

Exxon Mobil Corporation is an American international oil and gas company that is headquartered in Irvin, Texas.


  • Exxon Mobil is a public company and is among the S&P 100 and S&P 500 companies


  • This is one of the oldest oil and gas companies in the world which was founded on August 5, 1882. 140 years ago


  • As of 2021, the annual revenue of this company is $276.692B with total assets of $338.923B


  • Exxon Mobil has over 64k employees


Exxon Mobil is one of the largest companies in the world and among the biggest manufacturers and producers of HDPE.


As of December 2021, this company has a net income of $23.040B.


#4. The Dow Chemical Industry

The Dow Chemical Industry is an American multinational company headquartered in Michigan.


  • The Dow Chemical Company is among the three largest chemical manufacturers in the world


  • This company was founded in 1897, 125 years ago, and is one of the oldest chemical producers in the world


  • The Dow Chemical Company has a revenue of over $38.5B with over 54k employees


The Dow Chemical Company is a public company and is one of the biggest manufacturers and players of HDPE in the world.


#5. Braskem SA

Braskem SA is a Brazilian petrochemical company that is headquartered in Sao Paulo.


  • This company is the largest petrochemical manufacturer in Latin America and the eighth-biggest producer of resins in the world


  • Braskem SA was founded on 16 August 2002, with around 8k employees


  • The annual revenue of this company is over $15B with a net income of $2B per year


Braskem SA is among the biggest manufacturers of HDPE in the world and has become a major player in the growing and vast market of HDPE.


#6. Formosa Plastics Corporation

Formosa Plastics Corporation is a Taiwanese plastic company that is based in Taiwan.


  • This is a public company that was founded in 1954, with over 10k employees


  • This company has over $37B in revenue with total assets of $13.37B


Formosa Plastics Group is among the Forbes 2000 companies and is one of the largest HDPE manufacturers and suppliers in the world.


#7. Reliance Industries Limited

Reliance Industries Limited is an international Indian company that is headquartered in Mumbai.


  • This is the largest company in India, with over 100k employees across the world


  • Reliance Industries Limited has a market capitalization of $194B, with a revenue of over $99B and a net profit of more than $7B per year


  • This company has around 3.5M employees in India


HDPE Price

HDPE is a very practical product in the world used in many different industries, especially in the packaging and piping industries.

There are many factors affecting HDPE prices per ton, Barus Golden has done a full price analysis of the HDPE, and we invite you to read this article and explore these important factors, click here to start reading this article.


Barus Golden

Barus Golden is among the top suppliers of HDPE in the world, with very unique competitive advantages.


  • We are offering you the most competitive prices in the market


  • Barus Golden is equipped with the most advanced and distributed supply chain and transportation equipment, we are covered all over the world and can source all your HDPE needs as fast as possible


  • As a first-hand supplier of HDPE, you can count on us when the situation is volatile and there are uncertainties in the market


Let us give you valuable information and statistics about the HDPE market through our VIP free consultation, for more information and to place your order, please contact us using the contact methods mentioned on the website.

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