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The PVC resin price is relatively low and this material, polyvinyl chloride, is one of the cheapest plastics. PVC resin is a type of thermoplastic polymer that has many applications in various industries, especially the construction industry. This polymer can be considered the third most widely used polymer in the world. PVC belongs to the category of thermoplastic polymers. Thermoplastic polymers are polymers that can be easily melted by increasing temperature without chemical change.

Due to the low PVC resin price and also its ease of use, this material is used in various industries.


PVC resin k67 price today

PVC K67 is one of the grades of polyvinyl chloride that is used in the production of pipes. This grade of PVC is known as a white powder with high flexibility. As we have said, PVC resin is a type of thermoplastic resin that is used in the manufacture of products made of plastic due to its high flexibility.

The PVC resin k67 price is very reasonable and in addition to producing pipes, this grade is also used for the production of home decorative items, flexible toys, PVC synthetic leather, and so on.

The PVC resin k67 price today changes under the influence of many factors such as exchange rate, supply, and demand in the market, global political and economic situation, etc. For information on the daily price of this type of polymer, you can contact our sales experts at the time of purchase. Storage conditions of this PVC are to be stored in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place and to avoid contact with water and other impurities.


PVC resin today price

As we said, today, due to the reasonable PVC resin price and its other advantages, this material can be used in various industries. Here we refer to its applications and uses:

  • Construction: Wallcoverings, fittings, pipes, narrow winding pipes, windows, and doors.
  • Sports equipment: Toys and sports shoes.
  • Appliances: Suitcases, shoes, desktops, stickers and stickers, book covers, credit cards, and handbags.
  • Packaging Industry
  • Application of polyvinyl chloride in medicine
  • Automotive: seat upholstery, body part molds, dashboard door panels.
  • Building structures: Insulation and coating of wires, electrical tape, boxes, and outer coverings.

Owners of all these industries are always looking for the most suitable PVC resin price. Many companies are involved in the major supply of this type of polymer. But the best and most reputable centers will offer it with good quality and reasonable price. You can contact our experts to receive the PVC resin today price of different grades.


PVC resin price chart 2022

PVC importers and industry owners who use this material as raw material can use our services to buy high-quality PVC. We supply all the chemical products in our collection from the best manufacturers and deliver them to our customers.

Due to the direct and unmediated supply, the resin price of our collection is very reasonable. To receive the PVC resin price chart 2022, contact the experts of our support unit.



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