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soda ash

Sodium carbonate is disodium carbonic acid. An inorganic substance is used as a medium-strength base. Other so-called names include soda ash or washing soda. Its chemical formula is CO2Na3, similar to baking soda. But baking soda is a non-toxic chemical commonly used in food preparation. While soda ash is toxic and should not be consumed. When dissolved in water, it forms carbonic acid and sodium hydroxide. This chemical compound has a variety of uses, including pH adjustment, glass production, soaps, paper, detergents, and other detergents.


Soda ash manufacturers process the production process in two steps as follows:

The first stage

The reaction is related to the production of sodium carbonate by passing a concentrated solution of brine through two consecutive towers. In the first tower, ammonia bubbles rise from the bottom of the tower and are absorbed and dissolved by the brine solution. In the second tower, by injecting carbon dioxide gas, the bubbles of this gas pass through a solution of ammonia saltwater, and baking soda is obtained. The resulting solution contains baking soda and ammonium chloride solution.

The second stage

Baking soda from the first process is converted to sodium carbonate by thermal decomposition at a temperature of about 200 ° C, with the loss of carbon dioxide and water.

The best soda ash manufacturers produce it in standard conditions and following scientific instructions, and therefore their products are very desirable in terms of quality. You can contact our experts to prepare export quality soda ash from the best manufacturers.


Soda ash(Sodium carbonate) supplier

Soda ash suppliers generally supply this product in both light and Dense Soda ash forms.

The light type is formed first and some of them become Dense. In total, about 50% of the total production of this product is used in the glass industry, 18% of it is used for chemical products and about 10% is used in the manufacture of soaps and cleaners. The rest is used in various other industries.

Owners of these industries around the world can use our services to produce high-quality soda ash. The soda ash we supply is supplied by the best manufacturers. So if you are looking for the most reputable soda ash supplier, trust us.


soda ash light

Soda ash(Sodium carbonate) prices

The price of soda ash(Sodium carbonate) in its bulk purchase is cheaper and more economical than its price in the low volume purchase.

Various factors such as the quality of the raw material, the purity of the product, the brand, etc. affect the price of sodium carbonate. Therefore, all these items should be considered when buying. To buy the best soda ash at a reasonable price, it is enough to contact our experts.


Soda ash(Sodium carbonate) exporters companies 

Soda ash exporters are always looking for the best producers of this product. Export sodium carbonate must be of the highest quality to be welcomed in global markets. Due to the many uses of soda ash, most countries import the high-quality type. In addition to high-quality, if the supply of soda ash is done through the services of reputable manufacturers, it will also have a reasonable price.

Certainly not all soda ash companies are suitable for buying the export type of this product. Therefore, first assess the company’s reputation and then proceed to the bulk purchase of exported sodium carbonate.


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light soda ash dense soda ash


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