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Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) manufacturers use two processes to produce this chemical: wet and dry. In general, the method used for large-scale production is the wet method, in which sodium bicarbonate precipitates as a crystal by injecting carbon dioxide into the caustic soda of electrolysis to form a reaction.

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Due to the many applications of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), the owners of the industries that use it as raw material, are always looking for the best baking soda manufacturers. The quality of the product always depends directly on the quality of the raw materials used to produce it. Sodium bicarbonate exporters and industry owners who intend to purchase the bulk of this material can use our services from anywhere in the world. Export sodium bicarbonate is of higher quality and should be supplied by the best manufacturers. In addition to high quality, since we deliver this product directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, you can use our services to buy it at a lower price.

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Home and industrial uses of this salt are many. This compound is very basic and can neutralize any acid. It is therefore purchased by pharmaceutical companies to produce antacids for patients. Given the above and other applications of this material, as well as the low production cost and ease of production (manufacturers can prepare this compound through a simple reaction under controlled temperature and pressure) can be a significant increase in the value of Sodium bicarbonate sales market forecast by 2027.

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Reputable baking soda suppliers supply it directly and without intermediaries. If you are going to buy bulk sodium bicarbonate from the manufacturer. If you are involved in the export of sodium bicarbonate; You can use our services as the top baking soda supplier in the world, and buy this product with high quality and at reasonable price.

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baking soda producers mention some safety tips when using it. This product, as mentioned earlier, is a non-toxic, non-combustible compound. It also produces carbon dioxide in reaction to with acids. This compound is generally safe and is not considered a harmful chemical. But too much exposure can cause problems, some of which are listed below:

– In case of inhalation high concentration can lead to irritation of the nose and burning.

– Irritation of the gastrointestinal tract can occur if large amounts of it are swallowed.

– Mild irritation, such as redness and slight pain, may be caused by eye contact.

– Dry, not normally irritating to healthy skin. But if there is moisture, it can irritate the damaged skin.

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It is better to inquire about the baking soda today’s price before buying it. Of course, in addition to offering prices, they will answer your other questions before buying baking soda.

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About Barusgolden

At barusgolden Company, which is active in the field of online sales of industrial and laboratory chemicals, we are ready to provide services in the field of selling sodium bicarbonate with excellent quality, reasonable prices, and in desired quantities to customers. Industry owners who use this material as a raw material or people active in the field of exporting sodium bicarbonate can buy it in powder form and reputable brands from our collection.

Due to the supply of sodium bicarbonate from the best manufacturers, the quality of our product is high. In addition to high quality, since we supply a variety of petroleum and chemical products, including baking soda directly to the buyer from the manufacturer, the price of our product is very reasonable. Definitely, in high volume purchases, price is one of the important factors for buyers.

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Owners of all these industries around the world can trust our services to buy high-volume sodium bicarbonate. Also, individuals and companies active in the field of buying and selling this chemical compound can confidently buy it from our collection at a reasonable price and desirable quality.

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Product: Sodium Bicarbonate

Packaging : 25 Kg bags

Price : Negotiable

Payment  terms : Negotiable

Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR ASWP, CPT, FCA

Min order : 25 MT

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