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Ask us for the best urea n46 price

The urea n46 price varies according to the amount requested by foreign customers in what tonnage and what packaging. Proper management of soil nitrogen ensures the most effective and efficient use of this fertilizer.

You can contact our experts to know the urea n46 price in export quality. In this collection, we receive export urea n46 directly from the manufacturer and provide it to customers at a very reasonable price. Also, this business is ready to cooperate to send the product by different methods of transportation.


Different grades of urea fertilizer

The urea n46 price varies in different grades. Urea fertilizer is produced in 2 grades A and B. Grade A is used for industrial use. Grade B is produced for agricultural use in two grades of grade 1 and grade 2 and is sent to global markets for sale. With all these grades, the analysis of these grades is close to each other. But 46% of urea is produced and exported in first-class quality. 46% of urea fertilizers are produced in petrochemicals and sent to global markets. 46% of foreign customers buy urea in high tonnages.

Urea n46 price per ton

Major buyers from all over the world can contact the experts of our support unit to find out the urea n46 price per ton.


Urea n46 fertilizer price

The urea n46 fertilizer price with export quality is determined by various factors such as exchange rate, customs tariffs, supply and demand, global political situation, etc. These fertilizers are often used as a source of nitrogen (N) worldwide due to their high N content. However, it is rapidly hydrolyzed in the soil to ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2). However, the use of fortified urea (46%) is well known to synchronize nitrogen supply with product demand to increase nitrogen efficiency.

Urea fertilizer is one of the most important petrochemical products. Many countries welcome the import of this type of fertilizer. All major buyers and importers of urea fertilizer are always looking to provide this fertilizer with high quality and reasonable prices. There are many centers offering petroleum and petrochemical products, but not all of them are valid for safe purchase. You can use our services in the Barusgolden collection to buy bulk urea fertilizer for export at a reasonable price.


Urea n46 today price

The urea n46 today price is something that you should look for at the time of purchase. Because the price of this chemical product is changing under the influence of the factors mentioned above. So if you bought urea fertilizer at a certain price last year, you should not expect to buy it at the same price this year.

The urea n46 price is more suitable than other nitrogen fertilizers. The introduction and scientific invention of urea are known as a life-changing event in the history of agriculture. Urea is 46% of the most common nitrogen fertilizer in the world. Worldwide, urea N46 is one of the most widely used dry sources of nitrogen granules. Urea also has a high nitrogen content (46) compared to other popular nitrogen sources (ie ammonium nitrate). When urea is added to the soil, it dissolves in the soil due to its enzymatic activity. If the soil is moist, urea is hydrolyzed in the soil to ammonia and carbon dioxide. This reaction takes about two days after urea dissolves in water in alkaline soil to take effect. To prevent nitrogen wastage, it should be placed under the soil and not on the soil.


urea n46 price chart 2022

To receive the urea n46 price chart 2022, you can contact our experts before making a purchase. In addition to providing a price chart, they also guide answering your pre-purchase questions.


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