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Supplying & Sourcing

We are specialized in supplying and sourcing different products with best quality, based on our customer requirements.

Distribution & Logistics

Our distribution and logistics partners are strong players in the region, known for their efficient and far reaching network.

Storage & Warehousing

Over the years, Barus has built a strong reputation for providing storage services to both our suppliers as well as our clients.

About us

Barus Golden Trading is one of the companies belongs to Barus Holding Group, founded in 2010. This company is responsible for marketing and exporting all products that are produced or supplied by Barus holding companies.

Barus holding companies are located in Turkey, Armenia, Dubai, Germany and China .

Barus group deals in supplying and trading of different kinds of Petroleum Products, Petrochemicals and Minerals. This Group has over 10 years of brilliant background in the field of international trade and is fully operative in Europe and Asia and Africa. Barus is one of the major activists in the area by exporting different commodities to countries such as Spain, Germany, Netherlands, China, India, countries of the CIS, and Gulf countries .With the extensive range of quality products and a service delivery system which is responsible, reliable and relevant to today’s fast-moving business landscape, BARUS provides simple, yet effective solutions meeting the client’s exacting demands worldwide. Due to years of operations .

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