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We live in a world that relies heavily on bitumen. Waterproofing, sealing, and insulating a wide range of materials are some of the functions of the substance.

The powerful binder of this material is also commonly employed in road construction. Road building and maintenance expenses are both reduced because of the use of bitumen, which also extends the life of roads worldwide.

Types and grades of this material abound. This material has various characteristics and properties depending on its source (natural or refined). As a result, this material is categorized into different grades for different uses.

Bitumen definition and how it is produced?


Bitumen is used for making asphalt for roads and it is a petroleum-based product that bonds aggregates such as stones and sands. Crude oil distillation is the primary method for producing the vast majority of this material in the world today.

Crude oil is heated in an air distillation column as part of a typical oil refinery process. As a result, crude oil will be separated into distinct components based on their molecular weight. Refined bitumen is made from vacuum bottom, which is the heaviest oil that remains at the bottom of the distillation column after distillation.

We ship it to another refinery to be used to extract this material from the vacuum bottom. Vacuum bottom is processed in various ways, including blowing, blending, mixing with water or solvents, and polymer modification. This provides us a chance to offer a broad range of bitumen grades to the market.

Bitumen uses

Bitumen specification and grades

Bitumen grades are appropriate for the paving of roads and other spaces. Because of the way they are graded, they got their moniker.

Penetrometers are used to classify bitumen after it has been produced. It features a needle that penetrates the sample and lets us measure the bitumen’s hardness level. The softer the sample is, the easier it is for the needle to go into it, and the harder it is if the needle has a hard time getting in.

When it comes to penetration, the softest grade is called 100/120, and the harshest grade is 30/40. Bitumen grades 40/50, 50/70, 60/70, 80/100, and 85/100 are also other options.

Available packings are:

Bitumen manufacturer

Today, bitumen manufacturers produce this material in more than 150 types with different chemical and physical properties and use it in various industries. One of the most important is oxidized bitumen, which dates back to the late nineteenth century. The use of air with 20.94% by volume of oxygen as a good oxidizer for the production of oxidized bitumen was first done in 1894 AD. This work was done during an aeration process in industrial scale; and because it was prepared by FXBrill and had special properties, it was registered as Brillite.

After that, research on oxidized bitumen began, and by 1950 more than 200 research papers in this field had been published. As a result of these researches and studies, as well as the widespread use of this material in the manufacture of moisture insulation, they ranked it among the best types of industrial bitumen. Today, in the United States alone, there are 38 industrial units producing oxide bitumen.

Bitumen supplier

Buying, ordering and exporting quality bitumen is possible only by using the services of the most reputable companies supplying bitumen. This has prevented brokers and intermediaries from offering a quality product. Also, the final price of bitumen offered by this group of companies is more appropriate and their quality is better than before.

In this regard, the services of bitumen suppliers can be used without restrictions. Also, large teams in the field of consulting the purchase and sale of various types of this product are ready to respond to customers and consumers in the domestic and export markets of bitumen.

Bitumen prices and factors affecting it

factor influencing the price of this dense export hydrocarbon is transportation costs. However, it is said that the most important factor influencing the price of bitumen is the global oil price, which has a significant impact on the price of various petroleum products. Because with the increase in the price of crude oil, the price of its products increases and with the decrease of the price of crude oil, the price of its products decreases.

The UAE, Myanmar, Pakistan, Qatar, Oman, India and China are among the most important importers of bitumen.

About  Barusgolden

At Barusgolden Trading Company, we get the best feedback from the international markets for buying and selling petroleum products. Distribution of high quality petroleum products at reasonable prices is of particular importance to us. Our company’s products are of high quality and reasonable price because they are sent directly to customers by the factory.

Cooperation with major trading companies around the world is one of the honors of our collection. You can contact the experts of our sales unit to place an order for the purchase of various bitumen products. In addition to providing information on the daily prices of various products, our experts also provide services in answering customers’ questions before placing an order.

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