HDPE Blow Molding

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HDPE Blow Molding
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25KG PE bags on pallet/jumbo
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100 MT
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PE HDPE Blow Molding

Process Method
MFI Index
Density g/cm3
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Blow moulding
190 °C/21.6Kg
23 ± 4
0.954 g/cm3
Small blow molding Bottles Containers (up to 5 liter) Packing of pharmaceuticals & surfactants
Blow moulding
190 °C/21.6Kg
0.951 g/cm³
Jerry can General purpose grade for large container (volume aprox. 1-500 lit)
Blow moulding
HD 0035
190 0C /2.16 Kg
General porpuse houseware toys, hygienic application, containers up to 20 Lit Volume
Blow moulding
Large container for transport and storage of chemicals and water Automobile fuel tank, chemical storage tanks,large-sized containers and gallonsbottles

HDPE Blow Molding Introduction

HDPE is a High-Density Polyethylene that is made from Ethylene and is one of the most popular and useful plastics in the world.

HDPE Blow Molding is using HDPE plastic in the process of blow molding, that is creating hollow parts and plastics using compressed air entering into the melted plastic to create a balloon shape product.

HDPE Blow Molding Competitive Advantages

HDPE Blow Molding has many benefits and properties, these are the most important competitive advantages of the HDPE Blow Molding that you should be aware of.

  • Price is a very important factor, HDPE Blow Molding is a very cost-effective option
  • HDPE Blow Molding is flexible and has a very high strength
  • Great resistance to different types of chemicals and moisture is the other benefit of this plastic
  • Global warming has become a major issue in the world, HDPE Blow Molding is a green product and safe for the environment

Also, we can say that HDPE is the highest-quality plastic that can be used for the Blow Molding process in the petrochemical industry.

HDPE Blow Molding Uses & Applications

From food and beverage packages to usage in tanks, HDPE Blow Molding has many uses and advantages in the industry.

In this section, we want to introduce you to the most important uses and applications of HDPE Blow Molding in the world.

  • Food & Beverages Packages
  • Cosmetics Products Bottles & Packages
  • Fitness & Sports Facilities & Equipment
  • Industrial Products such as IBC Tanks, Floats For Solar Panels, Packing Vessels, Drums, & …
  • Automotive such as Air Ducts, HVAC System Ducts, & …

Such a vast application shows the popularity of HDPE Blow Molding in the world.

HDPE Blow Molding Grades

There are different grades of HDPE in the industry.

If you need a specific HDPE Blow Molding grade, please let us know.

HDPE Blow Molding Transportation

HDPE Blow Molding can be transferred using the railway, roadway, and airway based on the customer’s location and time.

Barus Golden, using its distributed and sophisticated transportation equipment, can use the most appropriate transportation method based on the highest international standards.

HDPE Blow Molding Packing

HDPE Blow Molding is available in different packings, if you need a special package, please contact us to discuss the details.

HDPE Blow Molding Suppliers

With the growing population and economies across the world, HDPE Blow Molding has a very bright future.

To get to know the largest manufacturers and suppliers of the HDPE Blow Molding marketcontact our sales experts.

HDPE Blow Molding Price

HDPE Blow Molding price is variable according to the balance of the supply and demand in the international markets.

If you are interested in knowing about the different factors influencing HDPE Blow Molding prices, we highly recommend you to read this article, click here.

To be aware of the latest HDPE Blow Molding prices, you can contact the Barus Golden sales team.

About Barus Golden

Barus Golden is a trusted name in the petrochemical market, and part of the Barus Holding Group family.

Barus Golden is offering HDPE Blow Molding with the most competitive prices in the market and the highest quality, to place your order, please contact us.

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