Business Meeting with Turkish Company

Barus meeting with Turkish company

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Business Meeting with Turkish Company

Location: Barus Company office


Seller: Representatives of Barus Co.

Buyer: Representatives of Turkish CO.


  1. Introduction and Overview of Products
  2. Pricing and Negotiations
  3. Delivery and Payment Terms

Meeting Summary:

The meeting began with both parties introducing themselves and their companies. Mr. Ahmadi sales & export executive of Barus provided a brief overview of the products that Barus supplies to its clients. Gentlemen from Turkish Co. provided some information about their company & raw materials which they need to use in their factory as well.

The discussion moved onto the products required by clients which Barus Co. can supply; then some negotiations on specification of the products & pricing were held.

The meeting then moved onto the delivery and payment terms. Mr. Ahmadi proposed a standard delivery time. buyer was satisfied with these terms and asked for some samples to be delivered to their office.

What Barus Can Do:

Barus Co. has the opportunity to showcase its strengths during these discussions. This includes highlighting the quality and uniqueness of its products, being transparent and flexible in negotiations, and demonstrating reliability in terms of delivery and payment terms. Barus can also use this platform to address any concerns or queries from the Turkish company, ensuring that both parties are on the same page and can move forward with confidence.

In summary, this meeting serves as a pivotal point for establishing a productive business relationship between Barus Co. and the Turkish company. By effectively addressing the agenda items, Barus can position itself as a reliable partner, showcasing not only the quality of its products but also its commitment to fair pricing and seamless collaboration throughout the supply chain.


Table of Contents

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