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PVC Resin
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PVC or polyvinyl chloride resin is a thermoplastic resin that can be softened easily by reheating.

The most common term for the polymer is vinyl, which is available in powder form. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is very resistant to oxidization along with the degradation that is caused by the reactions in the atmosphere.

PVC resin is made and manufactured from petroleum, and the entire production process uses sodium chloride. It should be mentioned that the recycled PVC can be broken down into small chips and even powder with all its impurities being removed from it.

As a result, you will obtain a pure white PVC.

In this regard, let us read more about PVC and its uses to understand it better.

PVC resin

pvc resin specification

When we speak about its appearance and flexibility, we can say that PVC is highly categorized in the following categories such as:

  • The rigid PVC which is used in the construction
  • And the flexible PVC is the granules made softer by the process of plasticizers.

The PVC resin is manufactured by the polymerization process of the vinyl chloride monomer. The granules are later characterized into the following categories.

  • The suspension PVC is described to be the cost-effective method, and about 80% of the resin is produced with the use of this method.
  • The emulsion PVC is a process producing a finer particle. You will see the products being used in the manufacturing process of plastisol.
  • The bulk polymerized PVC that is the method where there are no emulsifiers and additives used. It helps in the generation of the purest kind of PVC.
  • Last but not least, the co-polymer PVC is the process used to add unique properties to the resin by the granules that are polymerized.

What Are the Uses and Benefits of The PVC Resins?

As we know, vinyl is very versatile. It can be very rigid, just like an industrial pipe, and pliable, just like a plastic wrap. It can be thin like the wall covering and completely clear and vivid to any color you desire.

In the building and construction, we can say that about three-quarters of the vinyl is being produced. It is highly used in construction applications due to its long-lasting nature.

The PVC vinyl is very effective when it comes to protecting the environment. Due to its robust nature, along with the ability to resist moisture, vinyl is considered to be the best option for cladding, windows, wall coverings, flooring, and, last but not least, fencing.

PVC vinyl does not corrode like other materials used in the construction process. Hence, it saves you from the burden of frequent painting.

Due to its durability, PVC resin is also used in the process of packaging. It helps a lot in doing the job efficiently by maintaining the integrity of the products that are being packed.

Clear vinyl can be used over counter tamper-resistant medicines and other products. PVC resin is used in the process of production of products that you as a consumer encounter daily.

It is used in applications mainly due to the fact that it is cheap and has physical and mechanical exceptional properties.

It has an inherent flame resistance. Doesn’t it sound perfect?

pvc resin suppliers

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PVC resin today price

As we said, today, due to the reasonable PVC resin price and its other advantages, this material can be used in various industries. Owners of all industries are always looking for the most suitable PVC resin price. Many companies are involved in the major supply of this type of polymer. But the best and most reputable centers will offer it with good quality and reasonable price. You can contact our experts to receive the PVC resin today price of different grades

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PVC Resin


Pvc resin


Pvc resin


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