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Technical Grade Urea

Technical Grade Urea which is known as TGU briefly in the petrochemical industry is a colorless, odorless, organic compound solid its main feature is its easy solubility in water.

  • Technical Grade Urea isn’t acidic and is very important in the nitrogen compound products

AdBlue is a diesel fluid that is manufactured from Urea, this is a synthetic urea that is used in vehicles to reduce harmful gasses and pollution from being released into the atmosphere.

  • Technical Grade Urea is a solid organic compound while Adblue is a fluid urea that turns nitrogen oxide into harmless steams and nitrogen

Technical Grade Urea Uses

Technical Grade Urea is a very useful product that is used for different applications.

These are different uses and applications of Technical Grade Urea in the industry.

  • Technical Grade Urea is used extensively in the manufacturing of fertilizers that are soluble in the water
  • The other application of Technical Grade Urea is in the production of the resin products
  • Dyes and pigment industries are the other uses of the Technical Grade Urea
  • TGU has also an important role in the reduction of pollution and harmful gasses by using in the production of the diesel exhaust fluid
  • Technical Grade Urea is used in the adhesive industries
  • Cattle feed and commercial products are the other uses of the Technical Grade Urea

Technical Grade Urea Grades

The chemical formula of the Technical Grade Urea is NH2CONH2, with 0.6% moisture, 46% of nitrogen, and 0.9% of Biuret.

Also, the particle size is between 1 mm to 2.8 mm.

Technical Grade Urea Packing & Transportation

Technical Grade Urea is packed in 45 kg packets or bags.

  • Different weights are also available by the Barus Golden based on the client’s request

Transportation of Technical Grade Urea as a solid product that is packed in bags can be done using ships, trains, or airplanes based on the client’s order volume, location, and time to receive its order.

Technical Grade Urea Market

Technical Grade Urea has a global market, the TGU market is expanding by 1.5% a year and has an annual market of 186 M tonnes across the world.

  • Asia Pacific is the largest market of Technical Grade Urea, China and India are the biggest players in this region, and across the world
  • Middle East and North Africa have the fastest-growing market for the Technical Grade Urea

China, India, and the United States of America are the largest manufacturers, consumers, and players of Technical Grade Urea in the world.

Technical Grade Urea Suppliers

This product has leading suppliers, and manufacturers in the world, also there are numerous small manufacturers in this market.

These companies are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Technical Grade Urea in the world.

  • Yara
  • OCI NV
  • Industries Qatar
  • CF Industries Holdings Inc

Technical Grade Urea Price

Technical Grade Urea has a global market in different countries of the world, and numerous factors can affect its prices in the international markets.

  • Urea prices
  • Demands for the different products
  • Growth of the population
  • Inflation rate
  • World economic growth rate
  • Interest rate
  • & …

All of these factors are effective in the Technical Grade Urea prices.

To be informed about the latest Technical Grade Urea prices, please contact the Barus Golden sales team.

Barus Golden, TGU Leading Supplier

Barus Golden is one of the leading suppliers of Technical Grade Urea in the world, covering international clients from across different countries in the world.

  • Barus Golden has offices in different cities of the world
  • Barus Golden is using the latest technologies in its supply chain management section to serve its clients with the best services
  • The best prices in the market are the other feature of the Barus Golden

To speak about your order details, and place your TGU order, please contact Barus Golden sales experts.



Is the Technical Grade Urea Market Growing?

Yes, the annual growth rate of Technical Grade Urea is over 1.5%, and with the growth of different economies in the world, the Technical Grade Urea market is expected to expand in different regions of the world.


Which Countries Are Leaders Of The Technical Grade Urea Market?

China, India, and The United States of America are the leaders of the Technical Grade Urea.

Does Barus Golden Covers The Whole World?

Yes, Barus Golden is an international supplier of the TGU world and serves customers from around the whole world.

Do you have any enquiry?

Do not hesitate to contact us or submit a business enquiry online.

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