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Base oil

Base oil definition

Base oil is found in all lubricants. A typical lubricant consists of 90% essential oil and 10% additives, but this is not always the case. The saturated, sulfur, and viscosity index characterize base oils by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Level of Saturation

It is typical to find a saturated molecule in the base oil. Saturates are found naturally in this oil, although the refining process results in higher concentrations. The molecular bond of the oil is way stronger if the saturated content is larger. As a result, the loss of viscosity and resistance to breakdown and oxidation will be increased.

Level of Sulfur

Crude oil contains sulfur as a naturally occurring inorganic element. Because it reacts with oxygen, it can have a negative impact on the performance of an engine’s oil. Exhaust following treatment devices might also be harmful. Sulfur has both beneficial and negative features, notwithstanding the unfavorable aspects. In terms of oxidative stability, sulfur is an effective antioxidant. The lower the sulfur level, the less likely corrosion, and oxidation will occur.

Velocity Percentage

The Viscosity Index measures how viscosity changes as a function of temperature. Temperatures of 40°C and also 100°C are used to determine viscosity. The viscosity index measures a substance’s ability to withstand temperature fluctuations. In general, the viscosity of all oils increases when the temperature lowers and reduces when it increases.

base oil

Base oil uses And Applications:

Base oil Groups:

Group I(1) base oil specifications

Group I oils have a viscosity percentage ranging from 80 to 120 and are less than 90 percent saturated. They also include more than 0.03 percent sulfur. These oils have a temperature range of 32 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s easier to refine Group I oils using solvents because it’s a less complicated procedure. Because of this, they are the most affordable base oils on the market today.

Group II(2) base oil specifications

Group II oils have a viscosity percentage of 80 to 120 and a saturated content of 90 percent or greater. They also contain less than 0.03% sulfur. Hydrocracking, a more involved method than that used to make Group I oils, is frequently utilized to make them. As a result of the saturation of these oils’ hydrocarbon molecules,

Higher levels of antioxidant activity are found in Group II crude oil. On the other hand, Group II oils have a more transparent tint and are more expensive than Group I oils. However, Group II base oils are becoming more and more widespread on the market, and their prices are quite near to those of Group I oils.

Group III(3) base oil specifications

Group III oils have a viscosity percentage of more than 120, more than 90 percent saturates, and less than 0.03% sulfur. These oils have been refined even further than Group II base oils and are almost always highly hydrocracked (higher pressure and heat). Purer base oil is the goal of this more time-consuming procedure.

Group III oils are sometimes referred to as synthetic hydrocarbons, despite being derived from crude oil. These oils, like Group II oils, are becoming more common.

Group IV(4) base oil specifications

Polyalphaolefins are the essential oils of Group IV (PAOs). Synthesizing is the method used to create these manufactured essential oils. They can withstand a broader range of temperatures, ideal for strong heat or low cold applications.

Group V(5) base oil specifications

It’s a broad category that includes all other base oils such as silicone, phosphate ester, PAG, polyolester, bio lubes, etc. These oils are sometimes combined with other oils base stocks to improve the oil’s qualities. A PAO-based compressor oil blended with polyester is an example.

In lubricant formulations, esters are employed to enhance the qualities of the existing oil, which is a common Group V oil. Ester oils may withstand greater temperatures and provide better detergency than a synthetic PAO base oil, permitting them to be used for longer periods.Base oil group

Base Oil Supplier Company

The companies supplying base oils, having a factory for the production of this oil, produce various types of base oils such as flash point, paint and viscosity at the customer’s request and based on customer analysis.

Distillation production is one of the most common methods of producing base oils. This is done using an oil distillation tower. This method has the highest efficiency and quality compared to other oil production methods, with high quality formulation.

In this case, the use of acidic method is also common in which the process is completed by adding sulfuric acid to the oil tank. Soil is also added to the oil refining process to improve the oil color and oil filter.

To register an order for the purchase of various Base Oil products with export quality, it is enough to contact the experts of our sales unit.

The base oil price and the factors affecting it

The price of base oil varies in different types. Many companies use the supply and demand system of a product to price it. This allows oil companies and refineries to plan their production based on market demand. Hence, these companies prefer product price stability, so they try to offer reasonable products.

Base oil price index

Base oils have a great impact on the growth and prosperity of various industries. In the meantime, you know for sure that all industrial oils are ultimately produced from this oil. Therefore, the base oil price index is vital for all countries where industry is defined as the axis of development.

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