Who are the main LLDPE Suppliers In UAE?

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LLDPE is one of the most popular petrochemical products in the world, used extensively in the packaging industry for its very high-quality features and characteristics.

If you are looking for the best LLDPE suppliers in UAE, and also to be aware of the selection criteria for choosing the most appropriate supplier, we invite you to read this practical article till the end.

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About LLDPE Product

Linear Low-density Polyethylene which is known by the brief name of LLDPE is a linear polyethylene whose unique feature is its short and linear branches.

  • LLDPE is manufactured from the copolymerization of Ethylene, this is the chemical reaction used by LLDPE producers across the world, this chemical reaction happens at lower temperatures and pressures than for manufacturing of LDPE
  • The packaging industry is where most of the LLDPE is used, you can get more information in the next section

LLDPE Uses & Applications

LLDPE has a very vast and growing market among petrochemical products, this product currently has over $50B market value, and this number is expected to grow exponentially in the future.

These are the most important and major uses and applications of the LLDPE in the world.

  • LLDPE is used in plastic bags and sheets
  • The other major uses for LLDPE is in plastic films, stretch wraps, covers, pipes, and containers
  • For the covering of the different wires and cables, LLDPE is also used extensively

The majority of the manufacturers’ LLDPE is used in the packaging industry.

LLDPE Benefits & Advantages

LLDPE has a lot of competitive advantages used in the packaging industry, that’s why it’s estimated that the market value of the LLDPE to double in the future.

These are the LDPE’s competitive advantages.

  • High tensile strength
  • Higher puncture resistance
  • Higher Flexibility
  • Very good resistance to chemicals

Combinations of these features have turned LLDPE into a full-featured option for use in the packaging industry.

Packing & Transportation

LLDPE is available in different packages, also if you select a very good supplier, they can offer you customized packages based on your unique demands and consumption.

Transportation of the LLDPE can be done using train, ship, or airplane based on the customer’s location and the time they need to receive their order.

About UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a small but very popular country in the Southwestern part of Asia famously known as the Middle East.

  • Dubai & Abu Dhabi are the two most important and popular destinations of the UAE, these two cities are international travel and trade destinations famous for their ultra-modern infrastructure
  • This country has an 83,600 square kilometers area with over 10M population that many of them are immigrants from other countries of the world
  • The UAE has $500B in GDP, and the average income for a citizen in this small country is $50k annually

In the next section, we want to introduce you to the best LLDPE suppliers in UAE.

LLDPE Suppliers In UAE

There are a lot of petrochemical companies in UAE, offering different products and services to their customers across the country and all over the world.

Here we want to introduce you to the best LLDPE suppliers in UAE.

  • Sabic Americas Inc.
  • Total Petrochemicals France
  • Total energies Petrochemical
  • Sabic Americas Inc. CO Saudi Basic
  • Polymer Distribution FZE
  • PP Granules
  • & …

Both international and local LLDPE manufacturers and suppliers are active in UAE, there are a lot of options for customers for sourcing their LLDPE from the United Arab Emirates.

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Selecting The Best LLDPE Supplier

Selecting the best LLDPE supplier can be challenging, as there are many manufacturers both local and international.

If you have a precise criterion, then choosing the best suppliers can become very easy and based on a scientific approach.

  • International experience is very important for a supplier, look for companies with high intestinal level experience as these companies offer the highest-quality services
  • The professional and experienced management team and experts are very important, supplying petrochemical products needs expertise and knowledge in this space
  • Having international-level standards are the other important criteria that you can use to distinguish the best companies
  • Having ultra-modern and state-of-the-art transportation equipment across the world and using the most appropriate transportation equipment for fast delivery is the other most important factor for selecting the best LLDPE supplier

If you pay attention to these factors, then you can choose the best LLDPE supplier based on your company’s unique needs and wants.

LLDPE Market’s Future

Many trends show us LLDPE market will be bigger and bright in the future, these are:

  • Growing population
  • Increasing demand for higher quality packaging for different products
  • Economic growth rate and the more need and demand for packaging of the different products
  • The average income of the world population is growing, more people across the world are entering the middle class and this will increase the demand for the packaging of different products in the world

Barus Golden, A Leading LLDPE Supplier

Barus Golden is one of the leading suppliers of LLDPE in the world, also offering the most comprehensive services in UAE.

There are a lot of reasons that make working with Barus Golden very profitable options, these are:

  • With the most competitive prices in the market, using Barus Golden services, you can decrease your manufacturing expenses and focus on higher profitability
  • Fast delivery of the orders, we strive for the highest customer satisfaction, this means Barus Golden guarantees the fastest delivery time for all the customer’s orders
  • There is a dedicated customer service team available 24/7 to answer all questions and solve the problems
  • Barus Golden is an international company, part of the Barus Holding Group with offices across the world and more than a decade of experience in the petrochemical products international trading

To receive the latest prices, and place your order, please contact the Barus Golden sales team using your favorite barus content method.

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